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PSYCH-K can transform the lives of people who are confronted by physical, mental or emotional barriers to success. The process is most effective for those who are committed to achieving results and have a loving desire to change. Read some of Transformational Partnership’s success stories:

“If there was a chance that I could change my limiting beliefs, I owed myself the opportunity to interrupt what was holding me back,” said Brian about his decision to work with Mike and Transformational Partnerships.

Having served in combat, Brian suffered from PTSD. When he met Mike, he was also undergoing other life changes, which included leaving his professional sales career to pursue his dream and a divorce.

“His work helped me work through the little details about how I run my business and it resulted in massive impact and growth,” Brian said. “It was during a session with Mike that I believe my scar from my combat experience was cleaned fully.”
Brian Muka
Founder of Fear Sherpa
“I was moving through the grieving process over the loss of a loved one and it was impacting my ability to show up fully present in groups and speak my truth,” said Sara.

Sara had done her research about PSYCH-K. She knew the neuroscience was effective and powerful. She knew it held hope for her. She was right.

“After our session, the stress of showing up to present my material dissolved and was replaced with the passionate desire to share my message... Mike has helped me further step into my purpose and make a difference in the world in any way I choose.”
Sara Stuart
Conflict Resolution Expert at Sara Daves Consulting