What is PSYCH-K?

Many will describe PSYCH-K as a spiritual process with psychological benefits. The process of PSYCH-K changes subconscious beliefs. These beliefs are the root of your personal limitations–the things that hold you back from reaching your full potential personally and professionally.  Stress, fear, pain, allergies, and phobias are just a few examples of these limitations.

The process integrates elements derived from Neuro Linguistic Programming, psycho-spiritual processes, Milton Erickson Style Hypnotherapy, and Educational Kinesiology. Brain mapping now offers scientific validation that changes are in fact being made within the brain during the balance process.

The results lead to increased self-esteem, healthier relationships, improved job performance, weight loss, and heightened physical health. In order to achieve these results, Mike Kane will help you create balance between both hemispheres of the brain. Through a series of verbal and physical processes, people like you achieve a “Whole-Brain State.”

This is how the subconscious mind is engaged.  Because PSYCH-K engages the subconscious mind, it creates powerful, lasting results. Traditional talk therapy, self-help books, vision boards, or writing in journals are predominantly limited to the conscious mind. The conscious mind, in fact, is only responsible for 5% of your mental capacity. Let’s get to work on the 95%!

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― Carl Jung

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