About Mike Kane

Mike first felt the transformational power of PSYCH-K in 2006. He had recently fallen and injured himself. As a result, his coccyx, the final bone in the vertebral column, became separated from his spine. This led to incessant pain.

“I would hurt when I would sit. I would hurt when I stood. It would hurt when I tried to sleep.”

Pain and sleepless nights continued for months. One day he found himself back in a hospital, not for himself, but for his daughter. She was having surgery. He was so distracted by his own pain he couldn’t be there for her emotionally or physically. A friend asked him if she could help. She went through an abbreviated PSYCH-K process with him.

“My pain was gone in 15 minutes flat,” he said.

More than a decade later, Mike is a PSYCH-K facilitator. He brings the PSYCH-K process to people like you who are struggling with any number of barriers to success.

“The thing about PSYCH-K is that you do the work,” he says. “You are already powerful. You’re already capable of changing your life. I just help you access that power.”

Stress, fear, pain, allergies, and phobias are just a few of the barriers he helps clients understand and eliminate. Using the science and process of PSYCH-K, he brings resolution to the things that may have been weighing down on you your whole life. The process is effective, efficient and powerful.


Let’s get to work!”